How to integrate Wechatpay

You can add Wechatpay by installing KOMOJU.

This page will guide you on integrating Wechatpay with KOMOJU on Shopify as an example.

STEP 1. 

To use Wechatpay, you will need first to create a KOMOJU account.

After creating an account, Please log in to the KOMOJU and Click "Active payments" on the top right of the screen. 

Fill in all the needed criteria, and submit for approval.

On the page, to select a payment method, choose China (China) to apply for Wechatpay.

*After your application is received, we will send a notification regarding the review of your application.

STEP 2. 

After the review is completed and you receive the contract notification email, the term of use will be displayed when you log in to KOMOJU for the first time.

Once you confirm the terms of use and agree to them, you can switch Test mode to Live mode, as shown below. (If this is not displayed, the review and contract still need to be completed.)

Please ensure you have switched to Live mode  and choose “Shopify Settings” from the Merchant Setting page.

※If you are not using Shopify, please refer to the following page.

How to set KOMOJU Live mode (commercial mode) to Wix

How to integrate Komoju on Cafe24

How to integrate Komoju on Shopline

How to integrate Komoju on WooCommerce

STEP 3. 

Press the “CONNECT” button. ⇒ You will be redirected to the Shopify app store.

Note: When the button says “APPLY,” the review is not completed for the related payment methods.

Please complete the application. Once the review is completed, you will be able to use it. The status will be changed to "CONNECT" once the review completes.

After logging into Shopify, the following screen will appear. Next, click on "Install app."

Select the KOMOJU account to link.

(This page will be skipped if you only have one KOMOJU account.)

Click 'Activate KOMOJU,' and the settings are complete.

After setting up, you can select Wechatpay on the Shopify checkout page.

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