【Overview】About Shopify new API

■ Where is the announcement from Shopify about the new API?

Currently, the only official announcement from Shopify seems to be on a page for developers and payment agencies.

■ Do I need to migrate to the new API?

This applies to all merchants who use a payment agencies through Shopify.
If you do not migrate to the new API and Shopify ends support for the current API, all payment methods will be disabled.

Therefore, you will need to complete the migration to the new API before Shopify ends its support.

■ When will support for the current API end?

The date has been postponed to July 31, 2022. The current API will be available in parallel until the end of July.

■ Is it possible to migrate only some payment methods to the new API?

Yes, it is possible. The current API and the new API will be operated in parallel until the current API is no longer supported.
So please start migrating the payment method that is most convenient for you.

■ How can I migrate to the new API?

Please refer to this page for the instruction. You can also see this "video" for your reference as well.

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