How do I omit the "order completion page"?

If you use KOMOJU on Shopify, you can omit the "order completion page" that appears when your order is completed.
By enabling this feature, you'll be able to automatically move to Shopify's 'Thank you' page after you've completed your order with KOMOJU.
This enables Google Analytics transaction / conversion measurement, etc.


・Once you set this function, the completion page of all the introduced payment methods will be omitted since this setting is for each account.

*Completion page has information about payment instructions such as convenience store payment, Pay-easy, Bank transfer etc.
If you omit the completion page, that means you will omit the page describes payment instructions.

・Please note that customers can only check the payment information by checking payment instruction e-mail.

【How to set up Google Analytic code on KOMOJU】

*Please make sure that you are in KOMOJU Live mode when you set up as follows.

Merchant settings > Edit > Editing Merchant
Enter [Tracking ID] in the Google Analytic code entry field.

Please check "Disable payment thank you page" and click "Update merchant" button.

**Please note**

Google Analytics settings in KOMOJU can be used with or without the completion page skip feature.
However, the conversion rate may not be calculated correctly because it is different from the Google Analytics settings in Shopify.

If you are unable to measure the results properly, we recommend that you set up skip completion pages on the Shopify side and not on the KOMOJU side.

*The skip to completion page function is mainly for convenience store payments, which can be used for conversion measurement on the Shopify side by having Shopify properly redirect the payment back to the convenience store. (since convenience store payments are not automatically redirected to the Shopify checkout page)

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