How to refund (Credit card / Smartphone payments / Paidy / Carrier billing / Rakuten Pay)

If you want to refund via KOMOJU for a transaction that has been settled with a credit card / Smartphone payments / Paidy / Carrier billing / Rakuten Pay, please follow the procedure below.


If the refund amount for an order is more than the unsettled balance at the time of the refund request, the refund request will be declined.

Please log in to KOMOJU and go to the "Unsettled Balance" page to check your unsettled balance.

Refund requests will not be accepted until a transaction with an amount that can be offset has been made.

If you are urgently in need of a refund, please consider making the refund directly from your company to the customer by bank transfer, etc.


1. Open the relevant transaction page from KOMOJU management screen, and click "Refund" button on the top right.

2. Enter the amount you want to refund and then click "Refund" to complete.

Caution: Even if you make a TEST transaction in a commercial mode (Live mode) and proceed with a refund, the transaction fee will be charged.

【Statuses after the refund】

When the full refund is completed, the status will be shown as "refunded".

When the partial refund is completed, "partially refunded" will be added to the status of the corresponding transaction.

* If the purchase date and the cancellation / return processing date cross the customer's credit card monthly deadline, the customer will be charged from the card company and then refunded (or offset from the next month's bill). 

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