How to Refund (Bank transfer/Konbini/Pay-easy)

To refund the payment for "Bank transfer", "Konbini", and "Pay-easy", please follow the below steps.

Please be aware of the following before refunding:

  • There will be a 300 JPY refund fee for each refund 
  • Refund will be made to the customer bank account. Please ask the customer to provide bank information, before applying for refund.


If the refund amount for an order is more than the unsettled balance at the time of the refund request, the refund request will be declined.

Please log in to KOMOJU and go to the "Unsettled Balance" page to check your unsettled balance.

Refund requests will not be accepted until a transaction with an amount that can be offset has been made.

If you are urgently in need of a refund, please consider making the refund directly from your company to the customer by bank transfer, etc.


1. Collect the customer bank account information.

(Bank account name (KANA)/ Bank / Branch number / Account type / Bank Account number)

2. From the KOMOJU Dashboard, find the order and select the "Refund" button

3. Enter the refund amount and the customer bank account information in the "Refund " form.

*If you would like to refund Customer Fee (¥190), please make sure to mark the check box as above. A refund including the customer fee will be requested.

4. After all the information is entered, click the "Refund" button to process the refund.

【Status after the refund】

When the full refund is completed, the status will be shown as "refunded".

When the partial refund is completed, "partially refunded" will be added to the status of the corresponding transaction.

【If the entered bank account information is incorrect】

If the bank account information is not correct and refund cannot be proceeded, the status will be shown as 'Rejected'. Please reconfirm the bank account information to your customer and request refund once again. 


  • Please note that we will not be able to proceed with the refund if sales (including settlement fees) are insufficient at the time of refund request.
  • It will take few business days to complete the refund after receiving the refund request.
  • Please notify the customer that they will receive a refund from "株式会社KOMOJU(コモジュ)".
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