(Important) New Komoju Test Mode and Termination of Komoju Sandbox Environment

Dear Komoju Sandbox User:

In order to offer you the best service possible, we are migrating our current Komoju Sandbox environment (sandbox.komoju.com) into our production environment (komoju.com) as a new “test mode”. This change will allow users to create both test and real payments from the same account, simplifying the the Komoju integration process.

Note: we have closed the registration form for Komoju Sandbox (sandbox.komoju.com) and will be closing sandbox in the near future. Sandbox users can create a new account on komoju.com and use its “test mode” to continue making test payments.

Summary of Major Changes

  • With the closing of Komoju Sandbox, the endpoint for test payments will change from sandbox.komoju.com to komoju.com.
  • Users can switch between “test” and “live” mode on their komoju.com account. User data (email address, password, etc) is the same for both modes.
  • The admin panel for both test and live mode can be accessed at https://komoju.com/admin
  • Merchants can switch between test and live mode using a switch button on the Komoju administration panel. Settings and payments visible from the admin panel correspond to the user’s current mode.

* While this change integrates Komoju Sandbox into komoju.com, test and live mode each continue to have their own distinct settings (merchant uuid, secret and public key, payments), which are different for each mode. Requests to Komoju are assigned a mode based on the merchant uuid and API key (secret or publishable key) used in the request.

** Existing merchant account and payment data from the Sandbox environment will not be transferred to komoju.com.

Required Actions

  • All Sandbox users must create a new account on komoju.com and update their Merchant UUID and test API keys


Below is an explanation of how to use the new test mode on komoju.com to use each of Komoju’s payment features (Shopify/API/Hosted Page/Multipay/Buys).

For merchants who intend to continue using Komoju for testing, please follow the steps below on or after test mode is enabled on komoju.com on June 11th. These steps should take no more than 30 minutes to complete.

For merchants testing with Komoju via Shopify

For now, you can continue to use Sandbox to test.

Using the new Komoju test environmentInstructions for API or Hosted Page users

Using the new Komoju test environment: Instructions for Komoju Multipay users

Using the new Komoju test environment: Instructions for Komoju Buys users

We will send an email on June 11th to all Sandbox users informing them of the system change. Please follow the instructions in this email to continue testing payments on komoju.com.

If you have any concerns or questions about the topics discussed in this email, please send an email to Komoju Customer Support ( contact@komoju.com). We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

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