【NEW API】How to integrate Komoju on Shopify

After your application has passed the review, you have to change the payment setting in Shopify.
In order to change the payment setting in Shopify, please follow the below procedures.  

* If you download the app directly from the "Shopify app store", it may not be linked to your KOMOJU account. If you have multiple accounts, please be sure to follow the steps below for each account.

How to change the Konbini payment deadline

If you have any difficulties for setting, please feel free to contact us from here.

1. Choose “Shopify Settings” from the Merchant Setting page.
   *Please make sure that your KOMOJU setting is Live mode as above.
2.  Press “CONNECT” button ⇒ You will be redirected to Shopify app storeNote: When the button says “APPLY”, the review is not completed for the related payment methods.
Please complete the application. Once the review is completed, you will be able to use. The status will be changed to "CONNECT" once the review completes.

3. Click "Add app"
4. Please log in to Shopify and select the Shopify Store to link.

5. Click 'Connect'

6. Choose "Install app" 
7. Select KOMOJU account to link
(This page will be skipped if you only have one KOMOJU account.)

8. Click 'Activate KOMOJU' and the settings completes

*Please set up each payment methods with the above steps.

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